Build a debian package and upload to Launchpad ppa

  1. Create Launchpad PPA at
  2. Creating your OpenPGP keys with gpg command

    • Open a terminal and type:
      gpg --gen-key
    • GPG will now ask you a number of questions about the type of key you want to generate. follow the steps below to select the default option each time.
    • Check that your key has been generated by typing gpg --list-keys and, if successful. pub 1024D/12345678 -> this is the important number
    • Launchpad doesn't store your key directly, so you need to export your public key to a key server, such as
      gpg --keyserver --send-keys 12345678
      Replace 12345678 with the pub id you noted in step 3.
      If successful, GPG will display a message similar to:
      gpg: sending key 12345678 to hkp server
      Importing your key into Launchpad with gpg
  3. Add OpenPGP key to Launchpad

    • Launchpad identifies your OpenPGP key by its fingerprint. In your terminal, you can ask GPG for your key's fingerprint by typing:
      gpg --fingerprint
      GPG will display a message similar to:
        Key fingerprint = 0464 39CD 2486 190A 2C5A  0739 0E68 04DC 16E7 CB72
      copy only the numeric fingerprint: 0464 39CD 2486 190A 2C5A 0739 0E68 04DC 16E7 CB72.
    • Visit your OpenPGP key page at
    • Paste the fingerprint that you copied in step 1 into the Fingerprint text-box, then click the Import Key button. Launchpad will use the fingerprint to check the Ubuntu key server for your key and, if successful, send you an encrypted email asking you to confirm the key import. (Note : this is a brief ... from launchpad process..... both process take a while so just take your time...)
  4. set ~/.devscripts

    DEBUILD_LINTIAN_OPTS="-i -I --show-overrides"
  5. get source

    apt-get build-dep lshw
    bzr lp:ubuntu/trusty/lshw
    dch -v X.XtestVersion -D trusty
    debuild -S
  6. upload changes to launchpad's ppa and push code

    dput ppa:swem/ppa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_source.changes
    bzr push lp:~swem/totem/trunk

Extra: Build debian package on your own machine

pbuilder-dist trusty amd64 create
pbuilder-dist trusty amd64 build xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_source.dsc

Check ~/pbuilder/trusty_result/, the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.deb should be there.


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